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Sunday, December 17, 2006

AMS-I Launched to Help Radio Broadcasters Capitalize on Benefits of Internet Technologies

ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom

CHARLESTON, S.C., Dec. 12 -- American Media Services (AMS) announced today it has formed a new division of the company, AMS-I, to assist radio stations in capitalizing on internet-related technologies.

Edward F. Seeger, president and chief executive officer of AMS, said the company's new internet division will provide radio broadcasters with expertise in such areas as streaming onto the internet and creating internet radio sites that offer high-quality audio. "Too few stations offer streaming audio, and among those that do, the sound quality is not always as high as it should be to entice and keep listeners," he said.

"Many radio broadcasters seem to regard the internet as a technological enemy. We should be allies. Making radio and the internet fully integrated will enable radio station owners to reach additional pools of listeners and to tap into new streams of revenue," Seeger said.

Mr. Seeger is available for interviews to talk about why AMS made the decision to expand the company to encompass this new technology and why streaming technology will be a growth area for the radio industry.

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