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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

AMS launches Internet division

Radio Business Report

American Media Services (AMS) has formed a new division of the company, AMS-I, to assist radio stations in capitalizing on Internet-related technologies. AMS-I joins the brokerage and engineering technology divisions, through which AMS has provided consulting service for the past 10 years. The new division will provide broadcasters with expertise in such areas as streaming onto the internet and creating internet radio sites that offer high-quality audio.

AMS CEO Ed Seeger tells RBR AMS-I is a turnkey service that covers legal/rights fees, technical/installation, additional formats, design, bandwidth and more: "We think it's vitally important that every radio station offer streaming audio, as more and more people are viewing the PCs and laptops sitting in their offices and homes as a radio receiver. In addition, we can help them expand their horizons in developing other online formats, in creating their own internet stations. At some point in the future as broadband is being perfected, people will be listening to anything they want on the Internet riding down the road in their automobile. This is something broadcasters need to embrace, and jump in it with both feet."

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